Mr. Strong's Physics Class Wiki

I am teaching Physics during Spring 2013 at Baldwin High School. This is where I'll be sharing information about upcoming assignments. Keep watching, you never know if I might say something about an upcoming surprise homework check or quiz.

If you need to reach me your best bet is to email me, my email address is

There's not much to see here yet. For now, here's a list of pages with assignments for the various classes I teach:

Conceptual Physics
CP Physics
Honors Physics

We may be making more use of this later, keep checking back for later updates.

If you are interested in working on your own Wiki pages, I have a couple of helpful pages up for that:

The visual editor makes things pretty easy for you, or if you would prefer to enter your formatting commands directly you can find information about that on my WikiText summary page.

If you want to embed mathematical equations like this:

then you can do that too, but it's a bit more complicated. See my page about math on Wikispaces for more information.